Pondering Bella Hadid's "Revenge Body"


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Pondering Bella Hadid's "Revenge Body"

The age-old narrative that a woman single is a woman scorned



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There is a mad rush during and immediately after the red carpet of the Met gala to get content online. For the most part, many magazines (FU included) compile lists of the best looks, the worst looks, the most (whatever) looks. Often, there are actual  stories written, because—contrary to what most people believe—the internet can’t all be slideshows and listicles.

Although there was one curious thing among the headlines this evening—several outlets decided to cover Bella Hadid’s catsuit as an outfit that was the “ultimate” way to “get back” at The Weeknd, or that the garment showed off her “revenge body.” No, these click-baiting words did not come from celebrity gossip tabloids, but rather elegant, capital-F Fashion publications.

To those publications, and the fashion media at large, I pose several questions. Talk amongst yourselves.

1. How is this revenge body different than the revenge body you reported on for the VS fashion show?

A few months back when Bella walked in the lingerie parade, and The Weeknd was a scheduled performer, headlines about her “revenge body” and how it was the “ultimate fantasy for getting back at your ex” ran rampant. You implied, back then, that her motivations for working out were to “get back” at her former beau, and not, as one would assume, to feel her best when appearing in nothing but underwear on national television. Are you now implying that that revenge body was ineffective, and thus, Bella needed to get her body into even more vengeful shape?

2. How does one measure the effectiveness of a “revenge body”?

Forgive me, I don’t completely understand the strategy here—how does this work, exactly? Does Bella stand in front of him and shout, “Behold!” Does The Weekend fall to his knees upon facing the consequence of his actions, moaning “the error of my waaaaaays”? Does The Weeknd then go on a journey of achieving a “forgiveness body” or a “self-reflection body”, after which they both settle on “resolution bodies”?

3. Why do you like reducing a woman's worth to her body so much?

In the past several months, Bella has landed several major contracts, and had a rather impressive fashion month runway count, but I do not recall any articles about her “revenge career upward mobility.” Which makes me wonder…

4. What are you implying about The Weeknd?

I don’t know the man at all, but it seems rather unfair to paint him as some scoundrel who’s sole measure of a woman’s worth is her body, and as a man who can genuinely be shaken by a “revenge body.” In fact, the only one who seems to think that way, fashion media, is you.

5. Why is everything a woman does about a man?

Bella, a professional model, arrived at a fashion event, as is her wont. If ye must judge a woman for doing her job, judgeth her execution of said job. Opine freely about her selection of accessories, and leaveth that tired, lazy narrative about The Weeknd alone, for he is irrelevant to the discussion.

Follow up to question 5: Will Bella Hadid ever be able to do anything without it being tied back to The Weeknd?

Didn’t they break up a while ago? Wouldn’t it be deeply obsessive behavior if she actually focused her time, energy, fitness regime, and diet around him? I feel as though if this were true, her friends, family, and loved ones would have said something to her by now.

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From a Blunt to a Fistful of Hair, 7 Of The Most Unconventional Accessories from Tonight’s Met Gala

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