The Moment: Tackling Pride, Shark Attack, and Everything In Between


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The Moment: Tackling Pride, Shark Attack, and Everything In Between

Our man-about-town Todd Plummer covers all the week’s essential parties




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New York’s party people were out in full force this week, with a surprisingly full social calendar. The week began at the Top of the Standard, where popular gay hookup app Grindr threw a surprisingly chic closeout to the week’s Pride festivities—a black tie pajama party aptly entitled Slumbr. Not only did the party fill the actual “Boom Boom Room” itself, but Grindr also partnered with art collective Visionaire to take over and revamp a series of sexy hotel rooms on the 17th floor. One was filled with entirely with pillows; another boasted male contortionists in assless chaps; and another contained a bed covered in fetish gear. “Have you seen the rooms downstairs yet?” interiors designer Ryan Korban asked. “They’re unreal.”

Indeed, going down a back staircase from Boom Boom to the 17th floor felt like falling down a rabbit hole of sorts. There was Timo Weiland, Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, Hari Nef, and model Eric Rutherford around one corner, Jonathan Simkhai and Sophia Bush around the next. In fact, there were so many jaw-droppingly handsome men in unbuttoned silky pajamas, the bold-facers in attendance had no problem slipping anonymously through crowd. It lent the party a distinctly sexy and Eyes Wide Shut sort of vibe. 

The following night, Baja East designers John Targon and Scott Studenberg threw a small get together—more of a recovery party, in truth—to launch their weeklong pop-up shop at Brookfield Place. Coming off of Pride weekend, and especially after the previous night’s Grindr bash, everyone was looking a little haggard. I noticed Targon had a black eye. “Oh that was from the pool at Soho House on Saturday,” he told us. “You don’t want to know how that happened. Two of my friends were fighting over who could have my shirt.” He was referring, of course, to one of the brand’s must-have tie-die t-shirts. I couldn’t tell if that was the truth, a joke, or brilliant marketing. 

By Tuesday, everyone was ready for a slightly more dignified affair, and got one: an intimate Salvatore Ferragamo dinner at the Wythe Hotel. Cleo Wade, Margot and Liza Voloshin were each polished and impossibly fresh in their Ferragamo looks. The event was a chic counterpoint to Pride weekend’s raunch factor. 

And finally, a cohort of New York’s young and beautiful East Enders closed out the week at the annual Shark Attack Sounds party held at the Surf Lodge. Known for being one of the summer’s rowdier nights, Shark Attack originated several years ago as an impromptu beach bash thrown by photographer Ben Watts and Milk founder Mazdack Rassi. But, as is the trend with so many parties in New York, what starts as an intimate party with friends quickly morphs into a branded event and moneymaking opportunity. This year’s sponsors included Burton and Don Julio, and there were such scenesters in the mix as May Kwok and the Winklevoss brothers. 

The booze flowed, music pumped, and guests danced by the ocean until the early hours. It was an unforgettable kickoff to what should shape up to be an exciting July 4th weekend.

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