Diesel Throws a Fashion Week Party to Remember


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Diesel Throws a Fashion Week Party to Remember

The brand hosted an eclectic bash to celebrate it’s Madison Avenue store




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To cover an event is, in some ways, to be a voyeur. You attend to watch the spectacle that has been presented—both the setting and how people act within it. As such, one can imagine the meta commentary that arises when the party in question is deliberately designed for voyeurism, as was Saturday night’s Upper East Side soiree, thrown by Diesel in celebration of its new Madison Avenue flagship store. The social media-friendly night featured emoji décor, as well as cheeky nods to the prevalence of hashtags, and our need to document every moment (phrases such as “what happens at Madison stays on the internet” were written on the walls). 

The party started in the new retail space (which was designed by Japanese architecture firm Wonderwall), with DJ/model Sita Abellan providing the music. Things then moved to the after party, held in a private residence a few blocks away between Madison and Fifth Avenue. It is unclear if the notoriously stuffy UES has ever seen this much commotion, with a crowd of people actually willing to wait in the cold just to attend the bash. 

Those who made it inside found bars in almost every room, each one with a different theme to keep partygoers with even the shortest of attention spans entertained. With each space its own experience, it felt like attending multiple fashion week parties in one night.

There was a room David Lynch would be proud of—with red velvet curtains and a black and white floor—that alternated the music between live jazz and Sinatra classics. There was a room playing early 2000s hits, a room with a classic lounge vibe, a room filled with neon lights, and a room with lingerie-clad cougars straddling shirtless male models. And of course, there was a room with a stage, which hosted live performances by DNCE and Travi$ Scott, among others.

Notables including Diesel artistic director Nicola Formichetti, Diesel founder Renzo Rosso, co-host Ladyfag, Adam Selman, Hari Nef, and a bevy of models, floated between floors, between rooms, and between each other. Occasionally, a heavily costumed staff member would appear (as if there wasn’t enough to look at) just to pose. 

It was a one-stop shop of everything a good make-my-followers-experience-FOMO party needs, including the end of night pizza snack. There is absolutely no pairing more satisfying than champagne and pizza.

Stalking Twitter feeds and Snapchat stories is a type of voyeurism in itself—if you can’t be a fly on the wall at the actual thing, you can still get a peek.  While scrolling through Instagram (search #dieselmadison, should you feel so inclined) it might be hard to believe that all of the pictures were taken at the same venue, let alone the same party. Yet the eclecticism of it all was the goal. Fashion Week hosts so many events, but Diesel made sure theirs was actually eventful. 

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