Givenchy Is Now Hiring! Who Has What it Takes?


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Givenchy Is Now Hiring! Who Has What it Takes?

Weighing the pros and cons of 10 designers who might be up for the job




Following Riccardo Tisci's rather abrupt departure, Givenchy has not yet announced a new creative director, which means it is time to wildly speculate about who could fill the Italian's shoes. Considering all of the designer shakeups that occurred last year, there is no shortage of available names who could jump in and take the helm. But what makes a designer an ideal candidate for the storied French house?

Historically, Givenchy was known for elegance and eveningwear. In recent years, Tisci made the brand an “it” name, mixing high and low fashion—haute couture for the streets, if you will. What they both had in common, however, was a celebrity who helped them shape how their aesthetic was defined for the public. For Givenchy, that was Audrey Hepburn, who often had him make costumes for her films. For Tisci, it was a cadre of A-list pop stars like Madonna and Beyoncé. An ideal candidate would be able to stay true to the history of the house, while also keeping up the sales and commercial aspect of the modern line, and having a solid celeb following to help ease the transition. With all that in mind, we look at the pros and cons of ten designers who could potentially be up for the job—in no particular order, of course.


He’s kept a relatively low profile since 2015, so it might be high time for Elbaz to return to the fashion fold. 

Pros: His design approach will certainly echo Mssr. Givenchy's classic gowns, and his creativity is perfectly suited to couture. 

Cons: He might lose the brand’s edgy fan base, as street-style is not his jam. Besides, Elbaz is a huge critic of the fashion calendar, and it’s unlikely he’ll be happy doing six collection a year.


The designer, who helmed Nina Ricci from 2009 to 2014, abruptly left Oscar de la Renta last year, citing "personal circumstances." Hopefully that has been sorted out, and Copping is in a comfortable position to return to work. 

Pros: Like Elbaz, he would certainly bring the house back to the days of Audrey Hepburn. 

Cons: Does he register with the youths? 


Sure, he said he was taking a break from fashion right now, but if the opportunity presented itself, would he turn it down? 

Pros: The dramz sure would be fun to watch. Plus, his custom work for Saint Laurent was pretty great, so he might be able to churn out some fine couture. 

Cons: He would probably change the logo and move the atelier to Los Angeles. Only hire him if you’re willing to let him do a complete overhaul. Also, what happened to that Chanel rumor?


He’s no stranger to drawn out hiring/firing dramas. And considering how professional he was during the (ultimately true) rumors that he was being replaced, he deserves a win. 

Pros: His designs would be a great bridge between the historical and modern eras of the house. 

Cons: Actually…can’t really think of any. 


He’s been pretty quiet since exiting Schiaparelli a few years ago. We miss him. Come back! 

Pros: He did quite a bit of research when he took the helm of Schiaparelli, and managed to rework old references into modern couture. 

Cons: He doesn’t have much experience with churning out “it” items. 


The designer was ousted from Roberto Cavalli last October, and hasn't been attached to any brands since.

Pros: Following his tenure at Pucci, he’s certainly honed his skills as the go-to party dress guy, and would bring some lighthearted fun to the currently too-cool-for-school brand.

Cons: He has no experience working at the couture-level, and his wild colors and patterns might be a jarring transition. 


She’ll be out of a job at the end of March when she is set to exit Chloé. 

Pros: It would be great to see a woman at the helm of the house for once, à la Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior

Cons: The atelier is in Paris, and Keller lives in London. The commute is allegedly the primary reason she is leaving Chloé. Also, that whole boho flower child look might not work for the historic couture house.


Last season, he made his grand return to fashion after a two-year hiatus. Now that he’s happy to be back, might he be also willing to take on a big-name label? 

Pros: He has a great reputation among the industry in-crowd, and an avid following among fashion nerds. 

Cons: Will his cache translate to the masses? Additionally, his work might be a tad too avant-garde by current Givenchy fan standards. 


The Balmain designer has had a meteoric rise in the past few years, but could he be wooed away from his position to Givenchy? 

Pros: He has much of the same friend/client circle as Tisci, and has also had similar success bringing a high fashion brand to the masses. 

Cons: Come to think of it, they might be a little too similar—Rousteing heading from one French house to another, with the exact same fan base, would unequivocally prove that the great fashion houses of yore are nothing more than interchangeable hats for today's designers. 


It’s not an unheard of move for a major fashion house to have faith in someone who has already been in its fold, or take a gamble on an under-the-radar designer it really believes in. 

Pros: It might be a more seamless transition than a pre-established designer with his or her own detailed aesthetic. 

Cons: Name recognition usually brings in more money and publicity. 

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