Chanel Wants to Upgrade Your Gym Pony

“Like a mini charm bracelet” for your hair

Hair elastics are a lot like socks in that they suddenly seem to vanish into the void without warning. The brightly colored bands wrapped around “sporty, naughty, easy” side ponies this morning at Chanel’s Spring 2017 show, however, are accessories you’re going to want to hang onto—and not misplace at the bottom of your 2.55. Hairstylist Sam McKnight described the vibrant embellishment “like a mini charm bracelet,” one that looks just as good slipped around your wrist as it does a textured tail. Paired with glossy pink lips and 80s-style blush draped across eyes and cheekbones (a look created by makeup artist Tom Pecheux), you’re not going to want to give up these elastics so easily. Next time your coworker comes looking for a hair tie to borrow, casually avert your eyes and quietly tuck this double C-branded band into your top desk drawer for safekeeping. #sorrynotsorry

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