Dree Hemingway Talks Playboy, Pamela Anderson, Perfume, and So Much More

The actress on why she's no “Little Miss Sunshine blonde”

Dree Hemingway is anything but a dumb blonde, nor is she your standard spokeswoman schilling perfume with a permanent smize. While the model and actress is currently the face of Chloé’s ultra-feminine Fleur De Parfum (a floral blend laced with delicate notes of rose, verbena flower, cherry blossom, and almond), she’s not all sugar and no spice. Like Clare Waight Keller’s latest collection for the French house, this willowy creature with her long, golden hair has depth underneath her pretty pleats and carefree ruffles—and she isn’t afraid to let it all hang out. “I would have been happy for my boobs to be out,” said Hemingway of her non-nude Playboy shoot. “We have some photos that are like that, which obviously weren’t run, but I’m not afraid of a boob out ever. Why not? It’s beautiful.” 

Sure, she didn’t exactly set the nipple free in her spread for the racy-turned-refined magazine (much to the chagrin of many readers who were “livid” and threated to cancel their subscriptions after her issue came out), but Hemingway gives precisely zero fucks about the male gaze. “I really do things for women more so than men,” she explained. Fashion seemed to make a similar statement for Spring 2017—with the HBICs at Chloé, Dior, and Lanvin, among others, sending garments and flats (!!!) down the catwalk with strong women in mind. Here, Hemingway weighs in on everything from posing nude to plastic surgery to Pamela Anderson, whom she stars alongside in Canadian thriller The People Garden.

Dree On Posing for Playboy:

“I wasn’t nervous at all. I was actually approached by my friend [and fashion director of Playboy] Jenné Lombardo. My friend Angelo Pennetta shot it. It was kind of a family project…I was fully nude, yet not showing anything, and I think a woman’s body is so beautiful,” said Hemingway, who became the magazine’s first “non-nude” Playmate for the March 2016 issue. “I think that I was just trying to embody ’70s Playboy—more so the covers—but that ’70s look that was natural, timeless, and raw. I also love that [Playboy] doesn’t airbrush anything.”

Dree On Putting It All Out There:

“[The Playboy shoot] wasn’t about fashion—it was really about the woman and the person. It was fun. I was filming a movie upstate in November and December, so Angelo flew out and we rented a little house over the weekend and did it all there,” Hemingway explained. “We did one day with hair and makeup and a stylist, and the next day we just sent them all away and I did my own hair and makeup and it was really raw. That’s how I like working best—I like when I can be myself.” 

Dree On Her Pre-Playboy Plan:

Asked what she did to prepare for Playboy, Hemingway replied: “I didn’t. I was in the middle of making a movie. I think it’s just about the confidence. To be honest, you can work out and prepare as much as you want, but if you’re not mentally stable or have confidence in yourself and how you look [you won’t be happy with the results]. Nobody’s perfect. We all have our flaws. There’s always something that hangs a little bit more than you want it to.”

Dree On Her Playboy Pedigree:

For the record, Hemingway notes that her Mom, actress and author Mariel Hemingway, “didn’t really pose for Playboy.” But Mariel did nab the lead role in Bob Fosse’s Star 80 (the story of the late Dorothy Stratten, the 1979 Playmate of the Year) and “they pulled the pictures from that” for the 1982 edition of the glossy. “My Aunt Margaux was in Playboy and my mom was in Playboy, but it wasn’t really about following in their footsteps,” said Hemingway. “I think it was just about doing something that was empowering for me.” Little sister and model Langley Fox Hemingway continued the family tradition by posing for the magazine’s September issue. “My sister is so beautiful and she has a great ass, so she showed herself off.”

Dree On Her Pared-Down Beauty Routine:

“It was pretty much mascara and some cover-up.  I’m pretty sure I probably had a pimple somewhere,” said Hemingway of the DIY job she did behind the scenes of her Playboy shoot. “I have very Nordic blood and I’ve been told that I have thinner skin around my eyes, so I get darker circles than a normal human being.” Her makeup bag must-haves include Yves Saint Laurent brown mascara, Hourglass concealer, and Weleda Skin Food because it makes her look like a “shiny, plastic person.” Hemingway’s hair was equally easy. “I never do anything. I don’t even own a blow-dryer. I’m like, Okay, you’re going to dry. And some days it works out and some days it doesn’t.”

Dree On Perfume:

“I think it’s ageless and it’s timeless,” said Hemingway of Chloé Fleur De Parfum, the latest fragrance launch from the French fashion house. “I think it very much embodies what the Chloé woman is, which is fresh, young, and free. I apply it in the morning and then that’s it. I don’t like it to be an extreme thing; I normally just do a spritz around my hair.”

Dree On Her People Garden Co-Star, Pamela Anderson:

“She’s had such an incredible life. She’s very smart and I think she’s a super talented actress. And, you know, she has incredible stories and she loves her life and everything she’s done. I think she’s trying to show a different side of herself,” said Hemingway of her costar in The People Garden. “She’s definitely a lot deeper [than people think] and she doesn’t hold anything back. Anything you want to know about her, she’s very open.”

Dree On Plastic Surgery:

“She’s had nothing done to her face and she’s so beautiful,” said Hemingway of Anderson. “She doesn’t work out. She’s not obsessive like what you’d expect from her. And she’s letting herself age—it’s really beautiful and I respect that a lot from a woman. I think a lot of other people don’t do that and they let their insecurities at the very moment get in the way.” As for Hemingway, she said she’d like to follow in Anderson’s footsteps. “I don’t want to do any work. Ever. I think you earn your lines and I think there’s something beautiful about a woman aging and owning it. As long as you have confidence in yourself, that’s all you can want.”

Dree On Piercings:

“Piercings are like my versions of tattoos,” said Hemingway as she adjusted her delicate gold septum ring from New York Adorned. “I just finished a movie and I feel like I’m always trying to stray from being the Little Miss Sunshine blonde. I like people to see me in a different way than just the pretty blond, if that makes sense. I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but I just don’t know what I would want for my whole entire life.”

Dree On Body Positivity:

“I think fashion is about more than just one body type, because that’s not what the world is. I’ve enjoyed watching different trends and I think we’re in a very sporty vibe right now,” noted Hemingway of the current catwalk climate. “Again, I just think the women who have made it in the modeling industry are really the ones who hold themselves with the most confidence. Right now, I think that’s Gigi Hadid, who has one of the most phenomenal bodies. Unfortunately, things just don’t pack onto me in those places!” 

Asked how Hemingway feels about posing in nothing but her birthday suit, she said: “I think me and my sister have grown up to not be shy about our bodies, and my mom was very much like that. I guess it’s more of a hippie mentality. It’s also like, ‘This is who we are and there’s nothing to be ashamed about.’ Throughout my career I’ve gone through many different sizes. I was really, really skinny to begin with and I’ve fluctuated here and there. I’ve just accepted it for what it is and watched myself grow. Who knows, 10 years from now I could have huge tits and a huge ass and I’d embrace that, too.”

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