Gigi Hadid Is Weekend Workout Hair Goals

Give your snatch pony a quick upgrade

When the weekend finally rolls around, Manhattan streets become a sea of black stretch pants. In short, Lululemon in varying shapes and color ways becomes the unofficial uniform of basic bitches looking to burn some calories. Gigi Hadid, however, took her spandex to sleek, sophisticated new levels at this week’s Reebok event with a snatch pony and two streamlined, inside-out braids crafted by hairstylist Jennifer Yepez. The pro prepped the supermodel’s strands with Honest Beauty Heat Protectant and blew them straight. Next, she sectioned off the top and made two matching plaits before pulling the length into a high pony. A few quick spritzes of Honest Beauty Honestly Effortless Sea Spray lent the tail some texture, while Kérastase hairspray misted onto a toothbrush tamed any flyaways. (Business in the front, party in the back.) Another non-beauty-related tip we took away from Hadid’s sporty ensemble: Tie a sweatshirt high on your waist to camouflage that post-brunch bump.  

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