Is Twinning Hair the New World Order? Jaden and Willow Smith Support It

Plus, fashion's version of the three-legged race

What’s better than one too-cool-for-school spawn? Two, obviously, as proven by the latest issue of Interview starring Jaden and Willow Smith. Lensed by Steven Klein, the brother-sister duo appear on the cover with identical hairstyles and matching getups, proving they understand there’s more power in pairs than sibling rivalry. Willow even describes Jaden as the “yin” to her “yang” in a Q&A session with Pharrell Williams.

Dubbed “The New Order,” Jaden and Willow look practically identical as they stare straight into your soul and silently say, “You will never be as cool as us.” And we probably won’t. For one, the Smith children have already ingrained themselves into the fibers of the fashion industry—Willow recently starred in a Chanel eyewear campaign, and Jaden is the face of Louis Vuitton. But this is their first fashion magazine cover together. (Willow also nabbed the cover CR Fashion Book Issue Nine dropping next month.) When you look at it that way, twinning makes perfect sense. They’re sharing this moment in the spotlight—as well as the same style of locs. And with androgyny staking it’s claim both on the runway and backstage, it’s only natural that they pull off a beauty look and inky wardrobe (which included a plethora of gender-neutral coats from Sacai, Burberry, Hood By Air, and Salvatore Ferragamo) in tandem.

The concept of twinning, however, is something industry snobs can no longer ignore. (And believe me, we’ve tried). FU investigated fashion’s obsession with uniformity earlier this year, and it would appear that the bigger your matching squad, the better. But wearing pink on Wednesdays with your bestie won’t necessarily get you noticed—to generate some real twinning buzz you’ll have to take it to the next level by slipping into the same Juun J. jacket like the Smith siblings. (We like to think of this Karl Templer-styling move like fashion’s idea of the three-legged race.) That, or show up on the VMAs red carpet with your mom, a tiara, and matching braids like Blue Ivy. The only catch? Your mom has to be Queen Bey.

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