Spring 2017 is Turning Into a Totally Awesome ’80s Party

Jeremy Scott threw the biggest throwback soirée thus far

Thanks to the frantic pace of the digital age, the average person has the attention span of a goldfish. (No, seriously. This is a fact supported by an actual study.) Seeing as the fashion sphere changes its mind even faster, we decided to provide you with a condensed report from backstage this season. As much as we’d like to pen novels in the name of lipstick and hairspray, we get it—you’re busy. Here, the beauty version of CliffsNotes (all facts, no fluff) that you can easily skim in eight seconds…because science says that’s all the time you have.

SHOW: Jeremy Scott

CITY: New York

THE LOOK: Totally awesome 80s—minus the credit card blush and teased bangs.

INSPO: 1980s New York City

KEY PLAYERS: Makeup artist Kabuki, Hairstylist Eugene Souleiman, Manicurist Miss Pop

BEAUTY MVPs: MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil, MAC Pigments, and MAC Mixing Medium Lash, OPI Nail Lacquer in That’s Berry Daring, Red My Fortune Cookie, and I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana, OPI Infinite Shine Nail Lacquer in Wild Blue Yonder and We’re In the Black

TOP TIPS: Skip the credit card blush and shellacked bangs, but bring back bold, “airbrushed butterfly” eyes, explained Kabuki. The pro created three different color ways for the show—green, orange, and lavender—by basing lids with liner (brown for orange, bluish black for green, and black for lavender) and layering powder shadow over top. He polished off lashes with a few coats of custom-blended mascara (created with MAC Mixing Medium Lash and Pigments) that coordinated with models’ lids. “I’m old enough to remember the 80s,” Kabuki said. “That was the first time I ever even heard of colored mascara.” 

Miss Pop mixed and matched dots on models’ nails that played off the hoop skirts and bags in the collection. Recreate the look by dipping an unused pencil eraser in polish and stamping it on tips. “It gives you a perfect circle every time,” she said.

Don’t run to touch up your roots—as it adds a “coolness” to your color explained Souleiman, who cut and dyed the bowl-shaped wigs snipped on the bias. 

WORDS FROM THE WISE: “I miss the fun of the 80s—it was a very experimental time,” said Souleiman. “I think now we can be a little formulaic. We’re afraid of making mistakes, whereas in the 80s women wanted to make mistakes because they thought they were doing something new.” Lesson learned: Skip the overly polished hair and take a risk.

TREND TALLY: The 80s were referenced at Thakoon and Adam Selman. Long live the decade of excess! Models wore bespoke airbrushed tees behind the scenes at Alexander Wang, but you can dress your lids with vivid shadows and matching mascara.

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