From $950 Blood Cream to Monogrammed Lipstick—Last-Minute Gifts That Say You Care

Make it personal

You’ve waited until the last minute to get the perfect gift and now you’re left to battle long lines or grab a generic gift card at Duane Reade (not chic). Show your friends and family you care by picking presents that have their names all over them—literally. 

Few things say “I have my shit together and planned in advance” like a message stamped across a glittery tube of Yves Saint Laurent lipstick or The Body Shop’s personalized body butter that saves one square meter of rainforest in Malaysia, Indonesia, or Vietnam. Give the gift of great brows with engraved tweezers from Tweezerman, or customize a bottle of Pinrose perfume with your favorite photo. 

But if you really want to impress (and don’t mind forking over some serious cash), Dr. Barbara Sturm’s coveted MC1 cream is the only way to go. Beloved by A-list actors and supermodels, this concoction might not look like much in its stark white jar, but the magic lies in the healing proteins derived from the recipient’s own plasma, which are injected into the odorless base moisturizer. After drawing a patient’s blood through a patented syringe, the physician (who developed the vampire facial favored by the Kardashian klan) spins the fluid to separate the red blood cells from the healing plasma that ultimately fuels the facial lotion. In short, this super-charged formula fights fine lines, shrinks pores, and acts like ultra-luxe Neosporin by clearing up breakouts in half the time. If you can’t spare a month’s rent on bespoke blood cream, consider Dr. Sturm’s Face Cream from her equally fabulous off-the-rack range, or try Kiehl’s new Apothecary Preparations, serums that are tailor-made in store according to each person’s unique skincare specifications. 

Here, six ways procrastinators can still put a personal stamp on the holidays this year.

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