Ever Wonder What Really Goes Into a Runway Hair Look?

Mane master Orlando Pita takes you into the trenches

The backstage scene at a fashion show isn’t always pretty. It’s hectic. It’s often shrouded in a hazy fog of hairspray. And you’ve got supermodels like Karlie Kloss running in at the last minute with hair coated in wax from the previous show. (Hey, everything’s fair in love and fashion.) Even if a style appears fairly simple—like the scraped-back, center-parted waves crafted by mane master Orlando Pita at Elie Saab’s Spring 2017 show—it’s still a pressure cooker backstage. There are sequined, strand-squashing baseball caps to contend with and frantic producers stripping away precious minutes before lineup. We suggest popping a Xanax before watching this video from Visionaire, where Pita provides you with a rare glimpse behind the scenes in Paris.

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