10 Beauty Trends Guaranteed to Rise Under a Trump Administration

When the going gets tough, the tough buy lipstick, nail polish, and more

During the 2001 recession, Leonard Lauder coined the term “lipstick index,” which essentially correlated a rise in lipstick sales to a downturn in the economy. In more recent years, nail polish bottles replaced lipstick bullets as the little luxury consumers craved during tough times. There’s also the Champagne index that, according to The New York Times, predicted with nearly 90 percent accuracy, “the average American income one year later,” as evidenced by the Internet and housing bubbles in 1999 and 2007, respectively. (We at Fashion Unfiltered contribute to bubbly sales no matter the state of the stock market.) 

While we don’t believe many people will be popping bottles now that a reality star is our President-elect, we imagine a quick slash of 80s-inspired blush or a bold band of feminist eyeliner will help boost your mood no matter your budget. Here, ten trends we think will spike based on the Spring 2017 runways. 

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