Why Is the Internet Obsessed With Unicorn Tears?

Cry me a river 

The Internet is currently losing its shit over Too Faced’s Unicorn Tears La Crème Color Drenched Lip Cream, but here at Fashion Unfiltered, we call a spade—and mystical horse tears—a spade: it’s an opalescent formula that leaves lips looking frosted (and not in a good way). Clever marketing that capitalizes on consumers’ Lisa Frank-inspired dreams? Absolutely. Actual unicorn tears it is not. (We imagine those are more like glistening, glitter dew drops.)

But Too Faced isn’t the only beauty company to capitalize on the cosmetic power of crying: Missha, a Korean company, offers Super Aqua Ice Tear Freezing Cream. These tears aren’t sourced from unicorns, but glacial water in Patagonia. Rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium, this lightweight, H20-infused formula cools skin on contact and absorbs in seconds (which is a hell of a lot more appealing than the aforementioned iridescent sheen).

And Farsáli, a skincare brand started by Sal Ali (husband to YouTube beauty guru Farah Dhukai) is set to launch to Unicorn Tears in January—a glow-boosting serum and primer laced with brightening vitamin C and free radical-fighting acai, goji berry, elderberry, and blueberry extracts. Plus, it’s pink and sparkly (because obviously).


While collecting tears from various sources and infusing the droplets into skincare and makeup is a rather recent beauty marketing scheme, there was one man who was ahead of his time: Borat. “Do not fear my gypsy, all I want is your tears,” he told an unsuspecting Midwestern farmer’s daughter holding a garage sale. The bottom line: Next time you have a good, old-fashioned cry sesh, don’t let those precious tears go to waste.

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