The Beauty Look at Vivienne Westwood Was Absolute Garbage

Trashy in the best possible way

Thanks to the frantic pace of the digital age, the average person has the attention span of a goldfish. (No, seriously. This is a fact supported by an actual study.) Seeing as the fashion sphere changes its mind even faster, we decided to provide you with a condensed report from backstage this season. As much as we’d like to pen novels in the name of lipstick and hairspray, we get it—you’re busy. Here, the beauty version of CliffsNotes (all facts, no fluff) that you can easily skim in eight seconds…because science says that’s all the time you have.

SHOW: Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood

CITY: Paris

KEY PLAYERS: Makeup artist Val Garland, Hairstylist Sam McKnight, Manicurist Marian Newman

THE LOOK: “Kitchen-sink color,” said Garland. In short, the pro painted faces with everything but the kitchen sink. The same can be said for the hair accessories, which were devised with “clean trash,” added McKnight.

INSPO: “We’re in a kindergarten and inspired by sweeties—strawberry strings, Smarties, and Skittles,” said Garland of the plethora of candy-like colors laid out on her makeup station backstage. As for McKnight and Newman, they were motivated by Westwood’s passion for recycling (the theme from the Dame’s Fall 2017 show in London). Paper cups, juice boxes, plastic bottles, and cookie wrappers were splayed across a table and woven into models’ strands, while manicurists adhered talon-like tips in forest green, midnight blue, red, and burnt orange to nails. “It like old [press-ons] that could be the ones your mum wore and you’ve collected and stuck on,” explained Newman. 

BEAUTY MVPs: MAC Chromaline in Pure White, Hi-Def Cyan, Landscape Green, Process Magenta, and Primary Yellow, MAC Chromographic Pencil, Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl (available in April)

TOP TIPS: “It’s childlike, it’s dressing up, it’s kindergarten, but for me it’s mixed with Glastonbury,” said McKnight of the “raw accessories” mixed with bitty braids and punk-like ponytails. “We ran out for a whole load of stuff today—there’s a big thing of food somewhere,” laughed the pro of the bows and baubles crafted out of soda bottles, paper bags, and colorful cookie wrappers. Dame Vivienne herself sported a streak of pink alongside a juice box when she took her turn on the runway.

WORDS FROM THE WISE: If you’re trying out the Technicolor trend, focus on one spot. “We’re concentrating on the eye area, it’s either an elliptical line or it’s a colorful smoky [effect],” said Garland. “Everything else is kept simple.” And in comparison to Spring 2017’s phallic beauty statement, the neon lids and graphic liner were rather tame. “We’re always quite wild at Westwood, but this season we’re being contained…for now,” added the pro.

TREND TALLY: Rainbow eyes made a vibrant statement at Oscar de la Renta, Prabal Gurung, Mary Katrantzou, and Marco de Vincenzo

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