7 Beauty Products That Are Actually Better Than Sex

Toe-curling good

Too Faced—a cosmetic brand known for provocative product names and Instagram-friendly formulas—has recently found itself at the center of controversy concerning its cult-favorite Better Than Sex Mascara. The Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division isn’t necessarily questioning those toe-curling associations, but rather the “1,944% more volume” claim and before/after photos featured on the mascara box. According to Women’s Wear Daily, the NAD believes there is not enough “reliable evidence” to support such a statement, while the brand argues that the “tests used to establish these claims were conducted using sound methodology at a highly regarded independent laboratory.” Regardless of the outcome, this beauty debacle got us thinking about the lotions and potions that truly blow our minds. Here, the products that never fail to get us in the mood. Trust us when we say their orgasmic effects aren’t up for debate.

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