Where to Spend Your Day During Winter Storm Stella: The Tub

Warm up during the blizzard by taking a long, luxurious bath

A snow day is that rare moment of pause during the chaos we call life. And it’s as glorious as an adult as it was when your school-aged self crawled blissfully back under the covers on a blustery winter morning. True, some people haven’t been interested in a bath since they were getting ready for bed pre-kindergarten, but, if that’s you, you’re missing out on one of the most popular self-care trends and selfie moments happening right now. 

In fact, Violet Grey recently launched a bath section on its retail site. “Soaking in pure ingredients that are sourced to detoxify and rejuvenate can be a deeply healing experience,” says Shannon Vaughn, the founder of cult bath brand PurSoma, which offers steeps to cure ailments from dry skin to digital overload. In fact, the instructions even involve after-bath care that will help you “feel refreshed and renewed, and get an amazing night of sleep,” adds Vaughn. 

Some of New York’s chicest bathing beauties have it down to a science. “Turn down the lights and light a candle, but put it on the floor so it doesn’t make the bath too bright,” advises journalist Jane Larkworthy, who takes a bath at least once every day, but sometimes up to three or four, especially on the weekends. (Don’t judge—four hot baths a day works wonders for Tom Ford, too.) “I prefer low-bubble forms. Too many bubbles turns the bath into one of those ball rooms at Ikea.” The habit may also explain the former W beauty director’s preternaturally gorgeous skin come sleeveless season, but a soak’s greatest benefit is that on the mind. “They’re enveloping, comforting and calming, like cozying up and hiding at the same time,” she says. “That being said, I am never in the bath for longer than ten minutes. I think I enjoy the filling up part more than the languishing part. I get bored quickly.” Come on, you’ve got 10 minutes…or, thanks to Winter Storm Stella, all day. 

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