The 7 Best Beauty Moments of 2017

From Rihanna to Rapunzel hair, the top trends of the year

To be sure, there was a lot of ugly in the world in 2017. But there were plenty of bright spots, too—especially when it came to the beauty scene. Women of color from two vastly different generations—famed face painter Pat McGrath and Rihanna—shook the makeup universe to its antiquated core, proving that there is a customer-driven mandate for diversity. In terms of trends, glitter proved impossible to shake, as the sparkly stuff infiltrated everything from body scrubs to face masks. Rapunzel hair also hung around, as did platinum dye jobs. Both rappers (Kendrick Lamar) and pop princesses (Selena Gomez) proved a point about beauty via music videos, as did designers (such as Anna Sui, Shayne Oliver, Michael Kors, and Donatella Versace) and cosmetic conglomerates (like CoverGirl) by casting models who made us rethink the term anti-aging. Here, we round up the top moments that defined this rollercoaster of a year.

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