Beyoncé Debuts Her Twins—Sir and Rumi Carter

Celebrate by doubling your beauty fun

Beyoncé’s nearly-nude pregnancy shoot caused quite the stir when the icon announced that she had “three hearts.” The big reveal of her and Jay-Z’s highly-anticipated twins—Sir and Rumi Carter—is bound to be equally as internet-breaking. Bey dusted off her veil and fantastical flora yet again, this time opting for a flowy, kimono-like robe as she basks in the spotlight. (While we can’t be sure, we like to think that Sir was named after Beyoncé’s longtime makeup artist, Sir John.) The Queen added two new stunning members to her court, and in celebration of their one month here on Earth, we rounded up five beauty products that prove two is better than one—from a lipstick that highlights and contours in one swipe to a two-step cleansing system guaranteed to eliminate every last trace of makeup.


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