This New Razor Brand Wants to Abolish the “Pink Tax”

A Dollar Shave Club for women

Where and why you shave is a matter of personal choice, but where we can all agree is that paying more for a razor to shave 10 times more surface area than the opposite sex is a dick move. “When it comes to the “pink tax,” dry cleaning and razors are some of the worst offenders,” explained Billie co-founder Georgina Gooley. “Women can pay anywhere from 10 to 15 percent more for a razor just because it’s pink.” This beauty injustice is why Gooley, a former veteran of the advertising industry who worked with brands like Old Spice, teamed up with Jason Bravman, a Wharton grad who comes from a long line of entrepreneurs (his sister and brother-in-law founded Rockets of Awesome and Warby Parker), to devise a sexist-free subscription service that delivers “female-first” razors and body products direct to consumers at half the price of their competitors.

Designed specifically for women, the starter kit ($9) offers an ergonomic handle available in four colors (naturally, millennial pink—dubbed “Billie Blush”—is among them), two five-blade, rounded razor cartridges, and a magnetic holder that adheres to your shower wall with reusable “power putty.” Customers can order refills—four razor cartridges for $9—every one, two, or three months so they’re never caught without fresh blades. Vegan-friendly and gluten-free shave cream ($8), body lotion ($12), and body wash ($9) free of toxins, sulfates, parabens, and synthethic fragrances are also available for purchase, making Billie a one-stop shop for skin from the neck down.

As part of the launch, Billie will “reimburse” customers for the years they’ve spent buying overpriced razors via the Pink Tax Rebate. “It’s our way of letting women know that we’re sorry the razor industry has been unfairly overcharging them,” said Gooley. For two weeks following today’s launch, customers who share a referral code with friends can receive up to $20 in site credit. The brand is also donating one percent of its revenue to women’s causes worldwide.

Sure, maintaining smooth, dolphin-like skin is certainly still a bitch and we’re all for wearing your body hair with pride, but the decision to go fuzz-free shouldn’t cost more because of the color of your razor handle. While the road to gender equality is still frustratingly long, Billie’s feminist mission is a small step worth celebrating.

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