Screw Dry January—Indulge Your Senses With a Scented Cocktail

Let’s drink!

If a holiday spent with your family doesn’t drive you to drink, Trump’s impending inauguration will. Forget those New Year’s resolutions to cut alcohol and stick firmly to a dry January (honestly, what fun is that?), and deal with the maniacal, tangerine-colored situation at hand by doing what all responsible adults do in dire situations: forget your problems by knocking back some booze. No judgement. But make it classy by making each sip an olfactory experience via Botanical Fusion, a range of all-natural, aromatic flavor extracts developed by Arnd Heissen, a mixologist at the Ritz-Carlton Berlin, and perfumer Valeriya Fridman.

According to WWD, the two joined forces after Fridman discovered the Ritz’s famous Fragrances bar, where guests can enjoy cocktails inspired by their favorite bottled scents. (One cocktail on the menu is the “Signorina,” an ode to the Salvatore Ferragamo fragrance of the same name featuring raspberry and vanilla.) “I was totally thrilled by the concept and presentation of the Fragrances bar, and wanted to meet the man behind it right away,” Fridman told the trade. (And maybe Heissen’s innovative blends fueled her enthusiasm a bit, as alcohol often leads to brilliant ideas…or bad decisions.)

The eight varieties in the freshly launched lineup include warm sandalwood, sparkling bergamot, sensual jasmine, woody vetiver, fruity mandarin, invigorating pine, smoky patchouli, and cozy cedarwood. A few drops added to a traditional drink recipe (some of which are available on the brand’s website) instantly take your tipple to a new level. We suggest stocking your bar now so you can drown your sorrows come January 20 with a sweet-smelling Schwarzwald Champagne, a signature cocktail (with the least sexy-sounding name of all time) crafted by Heissen that calls for a  mixture of gin, cedarwood extract, raspberry mash, and egg white. Even better: It’s garnished with a “sweet wooden stick.” (And who doesn’t love a sweet wooden stick?) Or if you want to toast Trump, consider the aptly named Orange Blossom (inspired by Penhaligon’s Orange Blossom Eau de Toilette) with a potent dose of Cointreau Noir and a dash of jasmine. Cheers to 2017—and surviving the next four years, the majority of which we plan to be buzzed.

Botanical Fusion extracts, between $39 and $52 each; Buy it now

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