#MaquillageGate Is Here and Emmanuel Macron Is Paying the Price for Being Pretty

Mon dieu!

In just three short months, French president Emmanuel Macron has racked up $30,700 in makeup costs, Le Point magazine has reported. The news follows a string of controversies surrounding the 39-year-old politician since he took office in May, and has, for lack of better words, pissed off a lot of people—mainly taxpayers, who’ve footed Macron’s hefty cosmetics bill. 

In response to Le Point’s findings, which included evidence of the Élysée Palace paying a makeup artist known only as “Natacha M.” on two separate occasions—once for 10,000 euros and again for 16,000—a spokesperson said the budget will be “reduced significantly” going forward. (Natacha M. reportedly prepped Macron’s face ahead of public appearances and news conferences in a “matter of urgency,” whatever that means.) 

In comparison with Macron’s predecessors, the cost, which amounts to $10,000 a month or about $330 per day, isn’t actually that outlandish. François Hollande’s haircuts, for example, cost around $11,000 a month, while his makeup cost about $35,000 per quarter. Nicolas Sarkozy spent around $10,000 a month on makeup. Still, Macron’s centrist stance and determination to significantly cut public spending has earned him a fair amount of criticism, which is not great for his already-waning popularity. (His approval rating has sunk to a measly 37 percent, down from 57 percent when he was elected.) 

As for the current president of the good ol’ U.S.A., whose current approval rating is around the same as Macron’s, his hair and makeup expenses are largely shrouded in secrecy, save for a few rumors circulating on the internet about a possible $60,000 hair weave

While we imagine nobody wants Trump’s mug as the face of their makeup line, maybe there’s hope for Macron, who could join the growing number of beauty boys and serve as the face of a French brand. (Macron x Guerlain, maybe? It does have a nice ring to it.) If he plans to stay in politics, however, we suggest adopting an easier, breezier, more budget-friendly beauty aesthetic.

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