The Brows at Christian Cowan Were Literally Electric

Screw squiggle brows

You may have believed that your brows could merely be filled in with a pencil or brushed up with a mascara-like gel to give arches a bit of a boost, but thanks to Instagram, we’ve seen multiple manipulations of the hair above your eyes. Squiggles. Braids. Feathers. Ponytails. There’s no stopping the social media-induced madness. But leave it to newcomer Christian Cowan (a young designer already tapped by Lady Gaga) and makeup maestro Isamaya Ffrench to take things to an exciting new level.  

Fashion Unfiltered’s Editor-in-Chief, Katharine Zarrella, summed up the backstage scene in only two words: Glitter bomb. After the rush that was his New York-inspired runway show, sparkles still clouded the air as Cowan discussed his collection: “I just got my visa to live in New York, so for me, this was a celebration of finally being able to live here,” said the British-born designer. “I’ve always identified with [NYC]—it’s very open and free, everyone in the world is here, and it’s where all the things that inspire me happened. The show is meant to be a summary of New York.” 

While there was something for every type of woman—from the “upper East Side rich girl in a cropped faux fur” to a suit “made out of loads of hooker ads from phone booths,” there was one unifying theme: shine—tons of it. From glistening “NY hearts me” tanks to trousers covered with ruby paillettes, there was no shortage of sparkle. And LED eyebrows, reminiscent of the big, bright lights that illuminate Times Square no matter the time of day, served as the ultimate accessory for a truly electric atmosphere. Paired with glitter-encrusted lids, the effect was like a line from Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” personified: “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of; There’s nothing you can’t do; Now you’re in New York; These streets will make you feel brand new; Big lights will inspire you.” 

The brows were undoubtedly fun, just like Cowan’s clothes, but they also served as an important reminder amongst the turmoil and uncertain state of NYFW: The Big Apple, and the people that make it great, are resilient. And what better day to remember that unquestionable fact than 9/11. Let’s hear it for New York. 

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