The Modern Way to Wear a Side Pony at J.W. Anderson

Sleek, simple, and "expensive"

Thanks to the frantic pace of the digital age, the average person has the attention span of a goldfish. (No, seriously. This is a fact supported by an actual study.) Seeing as the fashion sphere changes its mind even faster, we decided to provide you with a condensed report from backstage this season. As much as we’d like to pen novels in the name of lipstick and hairspray, we get it—you’re busy. Here, the beauty version of CliffsNotes (all facts, no fluff) that you can easily skim in eight seconds…because science says that’s all the time you have.

SHOW: J.W. Anderson

CITY: London

KEY PLAYERS: Makeup artist Mark Carrasquillo, Hairstylist Anthony Turner

THE LOOK: “Expensive,” said Turner. “Last season she was skateboarding and we liked the idea of this gorgeous texture, but this season it’s her night out with her mates.”

INSPO: “It’s almost this idea of poor little rich girl,” said Turner. “It’s this girl who seems quite spoiled and quite privileged, but she wants to hang out with her cooler mates.”  

BEAUTY MVPs: NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer, L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil

TOP TIPS: Anthony raked a volumizing and oil through damp strands, then he took a section in front of the year, using heat to blow it over into a “swoosh.” Next, he blew the rest of the hair smooth, gathering the length behind one ear into a side ponytail so it “feels very young.” To polish off the look, he glossed over strands with another quick coat of oil to turn up the shine and tame any flyaways.

When it comes to makeup, don’t overdo it. Carrasquillo cautioned against adding too many elements, emphasizing that the key is to keep skin matte without using powder.

WORDS FROM THE WISE: While one ear sported an ornate cuff, the other poked out of the ponytail. Why? “It gives it a little twist,” said Turner. “I also like ears because it makes it feel younger, whereas when the ears are covered it feels more mature.”

TREND TALLY: Ponytails were also spotted at Jason Wu, Tory Burch, and Altuzarra.

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