Katy Perry Is the Latest Buzz Cut Blonde

Another celeb succumbs to peroxide

The internet chatter started mere seconds after Katy Perry snapped a selfie revealing her new peroxide-induced pixie, captioning the look “Fifth Element flow.” While her freshly shorn strands aren’t exactly a carbon copy of Bruce Willis (Perry lacks the male star’s receding hairline), the white-hot color is spot on. The pop princess has gone gradually shorter over the past few months—first arriving at Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2017 show with a blonde bob, and less than a month later, losing a few more inches at the hands of famed hairstylist Chris McMillan (the man responsible for Jennifer Aniston’s infamous “Rachel” cut). She joins the ranks of A-listers—like Zoë Kravitz and Kristen Stewart—who lost the battle to bleach. While Stewart told the hosts of the Today show that the cropped cut was “practical,” the real truth is that peroxide is a real, strand-frying bitch that will cut you…or at least have you running for nearest pair of scissors. 

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