12 Major Girls With Major Curls Reveal Their Top Hair Tips

Make spirals your beauty signature

We’re still wound up after this weekend’s Curl Fest, where hundreds gathered in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to celebrate kinks, coils, curls of all kinds. And backstage this season, it was equally rare to find hairstylists flattening curls into submission. Whether it was fluffy, cumulous clouds of curls (Imaan Hammam), rumpled tomboy waves (Mica Arganaraz), or Botticelli-esque sprials (Frederikke Sofie), designers celebrated texture on the catwalk. “Right now, curly hair is very in—I’m glad I started modeling when I did. Timing is everything,” said runway regular Dilone, who is the curliest of her ten (yes, ten) brothers and sisters. “I got the curl genes…and all the hand-me-down jeans, too!” she laughed. And for many models, curls have become their calling card. “Once my hair was straightened for a show and afterwards nobody could recognize me,” noted Sofie. “I didn’t feel like myself.” We asked a few of fashion’s curly-haired poster girls for their top product picks and best-kept beauty secrets so you can start embracing your natural texture, too. 

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