How to Craft the “Deconstructed Curls” at Narciso Rodriguez

Follow these steps...or go to sleep with wet hair

Thanks to the frantic pace of the digital age, the average person has the attention span of a goldfish. (No, seriously. This is a fact supported by an actual study.) Seeing as the fashion sphere changes its mind even faster, we decided to provide you with a condensed report from backstage this season. As much as we’d like to pen novels in the name of lipstick and hairspray, we get it—you’re busy. Here, the beauty version of CliffsNotes (all facts, no fluff) that you can easily skim in eight seconds…because science says that’s all the time you have.

SHOW: Narciso Rodriguez

CITY: New York

KEY PLAYERS: Makeup Artist Dick Page, Hairstylist Anthony Turner, Manicurist Deborah Lippmann

THE LOOK: Raw, undone, and simple. “It has to feel effortless,” said Page.

INSPO: It’s “almost as if she’s had a really good night out,” said Turner of the tousled waves he created for the cast. “It’s not too touched, not too finished,” added Page, likening the look to how the designer “wants his clothes to be worn in an easy way.”

BEAUTY MVPs: Shiseido Rouge Rouge lipstick in Rose Syrup and Curious Cassis (both available in August) on cheeks, Shiseido Paperlight Cream Eye Color, Wella Sugar Lift, Wella Body Crafter, Bumble and bumble Grooming Creme, Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Brand New Day and Flat Top matte top coat

TOP TIPS: To achieve the hair that “hasn’t been washed for a few days” look, run Bumble and bumble Grooming Creme and Wella Sugar Lift and Body Crafter all through the hair. Leave a messy center part and scrunch strands up while applying heat with a hairdryer. The “deconstructed curl” is created to look as if you’ve slept with wet hair and “it goes a bit matted,” Turner said.

Working with natural, rose tones on the face, Page was going for “transparency” and “healthy, beautiful skin.” Working with the organic shape of the brow, the pro filled them in a bit, adding a hint of shimmer. Mix Shiseido’s Garnet and Kitsune cream shadows for a “soft” look around the eyes. Before polishing off the look with mascara, create a natural flush with two shades of lipstick (Shiseido’s Rose Syrup and Curious Cassis). 

WORDS FROM THE WISE: Nude nails require more precision than you might think. “Doing a really clean nude is the most challenging thing for us to do,” Lippmann said. The pro gave full manicures and allowed the polish to dry a full two minutes before applying matte topcoat. “If you don’t let the solvents in the polish evaporate [during the drying process], your polish won’t stay on,” she noted. 

TREND TALLY: Lived-in hair was also seen at Chromat and Creatures of the Wind, while healthy skin was played up at Thakoon and Adam Selman

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