Chill Out With This Calming Crystal

Like Xanax but prettier

The fraught political climate unleashed by 45 combined with, for some at least, the fatigue induced by the monthlong marathon from one fashion capital to another, has sent our health into a tailspin. And rather than self-medicating with a combination of brown liquor, peanut butter cups, and night cheese, we’d like to suggest a different, far more soul-satiating self-care routine. To deal with stress, sleeplessness, depression, even blind rage (we know you’re feeling it), Kristin Petrovich, founder of Själ skincare and author of Elemental Energy (a recent tome on crystal rituals), says it’s all about rose quartz. “Crystals are direct conductors of energy, and it’s an energy we resonate with,” she says. “And there’s something so simple about working with crystals. At a time when we are all feeling so overwhelmed by everything happening it’s the easiest self-care ritual.” And rose quartz, a crystal with calming and centering powers, remains one of her constant energetic go-tos. 

A favorite everyday ritual is to tuck a bit of rose quartz in your bra or chest pocket, or wear it on a long chain so that it’s close to your heart (which has, by the way, an electromagnetic field 5,000 times stronger than the brain). You can use a smooth rose quartz wand or tumbled stone to give yourself a facial massage. Slather on an oil or cream (like Själ’s Kura Intuitif cream or Saphir Concentrate) to create a nourishing slip, says Petrovich, then open the third eye with a circular motion moving counter clockwise. Next, glide from middle of the forehead to temple and back to center, then continue moving up until you reach the hairline and repeat on the other side. De-puff the under-eye area by taking the stone from the bridge of the nose across the cheeks to the ear in a lifting motion. 

Petrovich also suggests a regular rose quartz bath—six to eight drops of essential rose, lavender or chamomile oil plus Himalayan sea salt and a rose quartz to perch on the heart while soaking. Or you can get your rose quartz fix ready-made with Leahlani’s Bohemian Ruby Toner, Prismologie’s Rose Quartz and Rose Body Balm, Själ Rose Aura Cleansing Set, or Therapie Roques O’neil Joie’s Uplifting Bath Infusion. Petrovich mentioned that even dropping a piece of rose quartz into a glass of rosé—a practice done since the Middle Ages because, apparently, alcohol can help take on and stabilize a frequency—can have its own healing effects. Feeling calmer yet?

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