Pussy Scratches Back at Saint Laurent

Take some liner notes from these HBICs

Unlike MAC’s forthcoming Basic Bitch shadow palette, the eye makeup for Fall 2017 has been anything but. And tonight’s look at Saint Laurent was undoubtedly made for head bitches in charge whose slouchy leather boots were made for stomping—not women who wear Uggs while sipping Starbucks frappuccinos. Face painter Tom Pecheux scrawled black liner across the crease of models’ eyes—juxtaposing Anthony Vaccarello’s dazzling diamante dresses, shorts, and sweaters with an equally sexy and strong beauty statement. (Graphic obsidian wings were also spotted in the front row on the likes of Zoë Kravitz.) There was certainly no shortage of freed nipples or micro-minis on the catwalk tonight, but make no mistake, when it comes to the Saint Laurent woman you can look but you definitely can’t touch. Another clue that sent that same message? The sparkly, Swarovski-studded scars etched across two male models’ porcelain complexions. This pussy doesn’t just grab—she scratches back.

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