This Is How Victoria’s Secret Angels Stay in Shape On the Road

No rest till after the runway in Shanghai

The Angels and their underwear may have decamped to Shanghai this year for the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show (which is proving to be more and more of a disastrous decision each day with Katy Perry and Gigi Hadid going MIA), but one thing is certain: These models won’t let a little jetlag—or the Chinese government—get in the way of a good workout. We asked four of the lingerie brand’s brightest stars—Josephine Skriver, Romee Strijd, Sara Sampaio, and Taylor Hill—how they stay in the shape no matter where they are in the world. Nobody mentioned doing hip dips or leg lifts on en route to the airplane like Brazilian bombshell Izabel Goulart, but they did provide plenty of ways to train like an Angel overseas sans gym.

Romee Strijd

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What She Packs:I bring ankle weights and bands. Most days [when I’m on the road] I don’t have the energy or time to do a full hour, so I do a half an hour in the morning with some booty stuff, leg lifts, Ballet Beautiful exercises, or something in the hotel room on the floor.”

Her Main Move: “Real, manly squats. I’m not used to weight training, so [Kirk Meyers, the founder of The Dogpound in New York City] makes me do that with weights and for me to come up, it’s super hard. In the beginning I was scared that I would get too muscular and bulky, but after four months, I was like, Yeah, this might work better than cardio!”

How She Stays Energized: At home, her boyfriend packs her lunches filled with chicken and fresh veggies, but on the road, she always keeps something healthy and filling on hand.  “As a snack, I love RXBARs with egg whites, dates, and nuts. Nothing is added, so those are perfect. And black coffee.”

Josephine Skriver

What She Packs: “I have a TRX that I bring and some bands and stuff in my bag so I can do a little bit—even if it’s just squeezing in 15 or 20 minutes—when I can.”

Her Main Move: “I don’t think there is one move that will do anything, but if you can only do one thing, I would do burpees.”

How She Stays Energized: “I try to eat a lot and eat healthy, and drink a lot of water. I’m a big fan of protein because it keeps me full and it keeps me going, but honestly, I like a mix of everything—a lot of greens and meat. I try to eat clean. I come from Denmark and keep a Scandinavian/Paleo kind of diet. That’s what I grew up on, that’s what I’m used to, and that’s what I always eat.”

Taylor Hill

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What She Packs: Ankle weights and resistance bands.

Her Main Move: “I guess when I’m not tired, I go to the gym and do 50 crunches and 50 squats and call it a night!”

How She Stays Energized: “Redbull. I also drink a lot of coffee. I can’t survive without it. I have four cups of coffee in the morning to be alive.”

Sara Sampaio

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What She Packs: Three-pound ankle weights, sliders, and resistance bands. “My trainer, Dara Hart [of The Dogpound], emails me different workouts that involve a lot of squats, abs, and planks that you can do using your own body weight.”

Her Main Move: “Planks with sliders or mountain climbers give me abs. I also do this exercise where you have to pull all of your body up [on sliders]. It’s hard and looks ugly, but it’s amazing!”

How She Stays Energized: “I sleep as much as I can, but I don’t drink caffeine. Caffeine gives me more anxiety than energy, so I had to quit. But because I drink so much water, I have even more energy now.”

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