Booty-Grazing Braids Bring the Kink to Alexander McQueen

Plaits worthy of a designer dominatrix

The fisherman sweaters draped over every attendee’s seat at Alexander McQueen stood in stark contrast to gowns cinched at the waist with dominatrix-worthy belts, crisp suit jackets cut with military precision, and leather bustiers flanked by flowy skirts covered in shimmery scarab beetles or a butterfly-inspired print. The finishing touch: a “kinky,” ass-grazing braid slicked tight with Redken Hardwear gel. Inspired by a “whip tail,” mane master Guido Palau kept the look “minimal but very McQueen” by playing upon the house’s “subversive” idea of beauty. “I always think it’s a bit fetish-y if a woman has super long hair,” he explained. Coupled with a blood red lip by makeup artist Lucia Pieroni, this look was made for women who call the shots in the boardroom and the bedroom.

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