Why Dog Mom Stella Maxwell Teamed Up With Cat Daddy Karl Lagerfeld

The supermodel is the new face of the Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo makeup collection

As a doting dog mom to Trip—a rescue puppy she reportedly adopted with her other half, Kristen Stewart—it might seem a bit contradictory to cast supermodel Stella Maxwell as the face of ModelCo’s new collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld, a man who might be considered the chicest cat daddy of all time. While the range (see the every piece in the slideshow above) features light-up lip glosses capped off with the kaiser’s head, the other star of this limited-edition makeup show is none other than Choupette, a ball of fluff with “sapphire eyes” Lagerfeld described to CNBC as a “chic lady—like a kept woman with her personal maid.”

That said, catering to the demands of their fur children is one area where these two fashion icons from two vastly different generations (and pet camps) connect. “Trip is so spoiled, but I love that, and he should be,” said Maxwell, who happens to enjoy the company of cats as much as her pup who calls a cat named Cloud his best friend. “He’s a rescue dog and his childhood was tough, so I’m making up for that now!” (It’s also worth noting that both the model and designer appear to be intrigued by Stewart, who currently serves as the face of Chanel.) Here, Maxwell reveals her makeup must-haves from the new collection and shares the one compliment everyone—regardless of species—wants to receive from the inimitable Lagerfeld.

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Amber Kallor: When did you first learn who Karl Lagerfeld was and what was your first impression?

Stella Maxwell: “I knew who Karl was from a young age. Chanel and Karl. I would see the big models at the Chanel shows and Karl with his incredible and iconic style. I knew he was cool. And when I met him, I wasn’t disappointed.”

AK: You’ve walked multiple shows for Karl and starred in the campaign for his namesake brand, but has he ever shared any words of wisdom with you?

SM: “‘You look gorgeous.’ What else does he need to say?”

AK: What is more nerve-wracking: Walking one of Karl Lagerfeld’s runways or the Victoria’s Secret catwalk?

SM: “Shows are nerve-wracking in general, and if anyone tells you they are not, they are lying. That being said, I am very comfortable at Chanel and Fendi and Victoria’s Secret. I know the team and the energy is great.  Also, I am a huge fan of Chanel shoes and I wear them daily, so they usually are as comfortable as can be, which makes walking a show a whole lot easier. And for VS, I work with them every week and they’re like family, so where better to walk than in your family’s house?”

AK: Karl is known for his spectacular runway sets. Which show was the most fun to walk thus far?

SM: “Oh wow, that is so hard to answer! They are all so incredible! If you have not been to a Chanel show, I can just say it’s so breathtaking and incredible to see what can be created within the walls of the Grand Palais.”

AK: The Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo collection is quite extensive. Do you have a favorite product in the range?

SM: “My Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Lip Lights Special Effects Top Coat. Try it and you will understand why it’s one of my must-haves.”

AK: Do you have a foolproof summer beauty look?

SM: “My go-to is fresh and natural with a little eye and a little contour. I’ve had a lot of fun playing my Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Collectable Karl Brush Collection. It’s just fun to not be using the same old brush.”

AK: Karl is famously unfiltered. What is your best unfiltered advice for young women?

SM: “My best advice for young women is to be confident and strong; to love yourself and know that you are beautiful and intelligent and creative; and to not let anyone or anything stand in your way or take away from your confidence.”

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