Stars for the “Supermodel Snowpocalypse”

Some casting suggestions for what is very clearly destined to be the greatest fashion film of all time

Supermodels, cocaine, a blizzard, a car hanging off a cliff, cocaine, people trapped in a ski resort with snow up to the second story, Jerry Hall, helicopters, near-death experiences, and cocaine—the story of a 1977 Neiman Marcus fur catalogue photo shoot sounds absolutely bonkers, but it’s all true, and it was all recounted by Mickey Rapkin for Elle last February.

Variety is now reporting that Paul Feig (the man behind Bridesmaids and this summer’s Ghostbusters reboot) has secured the rights to bring this tale to the big screen, in a movie that is tentatively titled Supermodel Snowpocalypse.

Feig (who is only set to produce so far, not direct) will likely want to bring in some comedians—we assume this will be a comedy, partially based off his previous work, but also because the title doesn’t exactly scream “gritty survival drama.” That being said, we still thought it would be fun to try and cast this ourselves. So we did. Click through the slideshow to see what fashion and film stars we feel would best portray the Supermodel Snowpocalypse squad. Feig, we hope you’re paying attention.

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