Giant, Inflatable Rabbits To Invade Brookfield Place

Hop on down to see them! Also, seriously, where is Cecil Delevingne?

Fashion’s bunny obsession is never-ending. There’s Prada’s Resort 2016 rabbit-print wares, Comme des Garçons’ unforgettable floppy-eared Stephen Jones caps, Maison Michel’s beloved lace lagomorph headbands…the list goes on. Now, just two days after Jason Wu announced via Instagram that he’d be collaborating with artist and premier painter of rabbits Hunt Slonem on his new sister line, GREY Jason Wu, we’ve learned that Brookfield Place—the new downtown New York shopping center housing stores like Burberry, Gucci, and Hermés—will be invaded by large, inflatable rabbits on Sunday. (On a related note, there’s sadly still no word on Cecil Delevingne’s whereabouts.)

As part of her four-city tour, Australian artist Amanda Parer is inviting New Yorkers to experience Intrude, a sculpture installation featuring seven illuminated white hares, each of which is crafted from white nylon and positively massive in size. Parer, who’s now based in Tasmania, told WWD that the exhibition is a nod to Australia’s rather serious rabbit overpopulation problem. Parer said the continent’s rabbit infestation has gotten so extreme that Australia is seeing serious damage to other species, in addition to ecological issues. “It is a conundrum,” she said. “I don’t pretend to have the answers, but hopefully my work will help to start a discussion.” 

Two of the larger-than-life bunny sculptures will be housed in Brookfield’s Winter Garden, and the other five will be displayed outdoors on the plaza. Parer’s hope, she said, is that patrons will enjoy the sculptures, but also acknowledge her underlying message. 

Intrude is free, open to the public, and will be on display at 230 Vesey St. from April 17-30.

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