1 Granary’s New Issue Proves Fashion’s Future is Bright

Back at it again with the support of young talent

The world is a bit gloomy at the moment. Thankfully, 1 Granary has released its fifth issue promoting up-and-coming designers, offering a glimmer of hope that the future (at least for the fashion industry) will be propelled by a bright new generation.

One particularly illuminating section is a roundtable discussion between nine recent graduates of the Parsons MFA Fashion Design and Society program.

In the extensive interview, the young designers—Shizhe He, Di Gao, Zoe Champion, Amanda Brown, Neil Grotzinger, Venus Lo, Tingyue Jiang, Caroline Hu, and Shanel Campbell—discuss some of the most pressing social and working aspects of the industry, from racism and politics to fashion education, showing at New York Fashion Week, and the uncertain job market.

“The industry is changing and ready for new models,” said Brown. “In a sense, this is a great time to be forging into new territory. I feel really optimistic.”

“People are ready to engage with a story and with a designer again. This Instamodel/cool girl squad moment has happened, and that was great, but people are ready for something more,” added Champion. “They are interested in learning why people make clothes, and why certain designs are worth more. People are ready for that authenticity again.”

Meanwhile stunning images by Alastair McKimm and Daniel Jackson showcase the final work of the designers that demonstrate the unique (and impressive) nature of each student’s final work. The images are as individual as the people who created them.

The new issue also features a newly minted opinion section, a much-discussed interview with the lauded fashion critic Cathy Horyn, as well as a whole host of gorgeous photography that makes it as much an object of art as the fashion it promotes.

The new issue of 1 Granary is out now and can be ordered online here.

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