The Heritage of Halston

A retrospective of the designer's work will soon open in New York

Halston was the premier designer of the disco age, whose minimalistic silhouettes and designs defined not only the fashion at the time, but also American fashion’s place in the global style sphere. As more and more museums are featuring designers in exhibits, Halston seems ripe for a solo show—which is exactly what is happening later this month. The Nassau County Museum of Art in Long Island. New York will debut what is being called the first comprehensive retrospective of his work with the new exhibit Halston Style.

Guest curated by Halston’s niece, Lesley Frowick, the exhibit, which features photographs, illustrations, accessories, and over 60 ensembles, including never before seen pieces from his personal archive. Everything from the evolution of the designer’s career (dating all the way back to his time in the hat salon at Bergdorf Goodman), to the way he worked with fabrics such as Ultrasuede will be explored.

Perhaps most interesting is that the exhibit also plans to look at Halston’s collaborations with other artists, including the photographer Hiro (who shot many of his campaigns), and of course, Andy Warhol. 

As the exhibit does not open until the end of the month, it is yet undetermined how much context of what was happening in fashion at the time will be provided for the average museum-goer. That being said, the collection on display is sure to be insightful in regards to his aesthetic, given both the breadth of what will be on display, and thanks to Frowick’s involvement.

Halston Style opens March 25, and runs until through July 9 at the Nassau County Museum of Art, sponsored by Halston at Lord and Tailor. 

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