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Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear


BY Afsun Qureshi

February 20, 2017

• Ashish, the activist. Many designers have been using their Fall collections as a political vehicle, and the Brits are no exception. 

• A gigantic broken heart at the top of a glittering yellow-brick-road-turned-runway strewn with roses was the first indication that something seeking poignancy was about to unfold. 

• Nearly every look twinkled in sequins, and his unabashed political stance glittered just as brightly. Pieces were emblazoned with slogans like, “More glitter, less Twitter,” “You are much lovelier than you think,” and “As often as possible be gentle and kind.” A flaming “Nasty Woman” piece was spectacular. The message wasn’t always so overtly spelled out—albeit, just marginally less so. Cheery rainbow sequins spoke to the LGBTQ community. 

• Another commentary came by way of classic Americana sportswear made glittery. In partnership with Major League Baseball, Ashish took us out to the ballgame in sequined Dodgers and Cubs jerseys. Backstage, the designer explained the partnership: “They were the first professional sports organization to accept black players in the ranks.”


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