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Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear


BY Roxanne Robinson

March 7, 2017

• “The novelty is that there is no novelty” quipped Dusan designer Dusan Paunovic sarcastically. “We don’t change, we do what we do.” But for the legions of die-hard devotees of his clothing, that’s fine by them. Cozy, comfy, chic–three Cs that should never belong together but work oh-so well for the line of mainly one-size-fits-all outerwear, knits, and easy separates. It was all especially attractive on a bone-chilling, damp Paris day.

• Anyone old enough to remember will wax nostalgic for Dusan’s latest herringbone looks which, done in a “winter” linen, recall the beloved 1980s American designer Willi Smith of Williwear. The anchor piece—a departure for Dusan—was a tailored double-breasted blazer with an adjustable back-waist tab. Paired with a pleated cropped trouser, the look got less formal when worn with one of the cozy ski sweater-inspired knits that ran throughout the collection

• Oversized trenches and toppers, another brand staple, looked particularly enticing with hand-painted lower halves. That detail came in yellow on a large, nubby, wool herringbone number and in tangerine on a camelhair bathrobe coat.

• Samurai pants and elastic-neck tunics appeared throughout as layering pieces and went from dressy-evening in a technical duchess fabric to easy daywear when done in a special scarf-knit patchwork pattern.

• A misstep was, as Paunovic called it, a “prison-stripe” that didn’t quite fit with the rest of the collection.


Louis Vuitton

Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear

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