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Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear


BY Roxanne Robinson

March 7, 2017

• For Australian Kym Ellery’s first show as a local Parisian, the designer of the 10-year-old line upped her game with a buzzy romp, put on with the help of her new PR juggernaut, Karla Otto (for the American press).

• Ellery’s theme wasn’t revolutionary. As she told Fashion Unfiltered backstage, “It was a traditional bourgeoisie woman who takes an electric awakening and discovers a new side to herself, so we wanted to look at both sides of those personalities.” Very Belle de Jour and never-ending fashion inspiration. But who cares? The clothes gave the audience plenty to swoon over.

• Tailoring played to her uptight side, but the menswear pieces were anything but. Slouchy, tie-front pants, jackets or boxy overcoats in plaids or a mousy brown got wild with a slashed silk blouse or space-age white vinyl boots.

• A psychedelic tie-dye dress with gargantuan puffs, as well as a turtleneck-and-cropped-flare-pants combo worn with plexiglass, lava lamp-inspired heel boots spoke to her Age of Aquarius awakening.

• Corsetry was cited as an inspiration, but not the in-your-face kind way—a lace bra peeked out of a slip dress, and contrast stitching appeared on the bodice of a fluid, asymmetrical black dress. The most obvious corset inspo came via halter tops with huge, voluminous, off-the shoulder puff sleeves. Offered in cream and black, these pieces were examples of the brand’s love of gobs of fabric. Said Ellery, “To me, luxury is having a lot of fabric swimming around the body.”

• The designer said this show was bigger than the previous ones, and mostly it was due to the abundance of outerwear that ranged from super slick quilted puffers done as overcoats; a fringed, beaded chubby; floor-length wool coats with giant contrasting fur plackets and cuffs; and an acid yellow-dyed French shearling topper.

• Slick burgundy patent leather gave some looks a super cool edge, but all in all, it flopped when movement was added to the garment. The iPhone photo stream can attest to that.

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