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Miu Miu

Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear


BY Katharine K. Zarrella

March 6, 2018

This season, Miu Miu’s Place d’Iéna show space was covered in huge, black-and-white images of women juxtaposed with letters. Created by M/M (Paris), the artworks were a nod to Erté’s famed fashion alphabet, which he began in 1929 and completed in 1967. A statement from the brand explained that “during the last century, the world of fashion has been explored as a language,” and that Erté’s alphabet was “one of the first alphabetical classifications of the fashion language.” Miu Miu’s fashion alphabet was, like the Fall 2018 collection, filled with a diverse and expressive array of women—women who project their singular personalities through their clothing. Indeed, clothing is a language—one we use to communicate our feelings and ourselves to the world without saying a word. So what do Miuccia Prada’s designs say this season? Strength, fun, and rebellion. Miu Miu’s parade of Fall women—led by house muse Elle Fanning—wore looks that referenced outsized ‘60s and ‘80s styles, like patent leather coats with big, puffed-up shoulders, skirts and dresses in houndstooth, stone-washed jeans, and the biggest, baddest bouffants you’ve ever seen. These women were assured individuals—bold, free, and playful, donning details like polka dots, floral prints, fringed scarves, or sock-heel combos. After her Prada show in Milan, Miuccia said that her dream was for “women to be able to go out in the street and not be afraid.” Perhaps this uplifting Miu Miu outing represented that reality—one in which women can fearlessly be themselves.

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