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Spring 2017 Couture


BY Katharine K. Zarrella

January 24, 2017

• Coming off the menswear shows, I’ve seen a number of collections with political overtones, or that, at the very least, were infused with the doom and gloom so many of us are feeling right now. 

• But haute couture is a little different, and at Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld gave us a breathtaking, light-as-air collection that, if only for a moment, allowed us to lose ourselves in beauty, opulence, and fantasy. 

• The designer transformed the Grand Palais into a hall of mirrors that reflected (ba-dum-bum, ching!) the famed mirrored staircase that linked Chanel’s Rue Cambon apartment with her atelier. 

• Atop mirrored pedestals sat giant glass vases of calla lilies, the thick green stems of which seemed to perfectly match the tweed suit that Arizona Muse wore to open the show. 

• Being Spring and all, Chanel’s signature tailored tweed offerings came in soft hues like lavender, eggshell, baby pink, and dusty blue. Many were paired with pussy bow blouses (just forget about Donald Trump for a moment and enjoy this, okay?), and delightful matching tweed hats that were artfully scrunched like an accordion. 

• The real stars of this collection, however, were the evening looks. 

• One ethereal, embellished confection was worn over matching, semi-sheer trousers to elegant but youthful effect. 

• Let’s be serious, though, it was those feathered numbers that stole the show. 

• Audible gasps (at least from this editor) could be heard as, one after another, painstakingly sequined dresses and gowns trimmed in clouds of pink or cream ostrich plumes floated out, reflecting off every surface. And those mesmerizing sequins echoed the mirrors that made up the runway.

• The movement of these fantastical designs was spectacular, like something out of a hazy, shimmering dream. 

• Lagerfeld’s new favorite ingenue, Lily-Rose Depp, closed the show in a giant pink gown overflowing with ruffles. 

• At 10AM, Chanel’s couture outing was the loveliest way possible to start the day. It was fashion for fashion’s sake—and it was a dream from which I didn’t want to wake up. But then my phone buzzed with notifications from various newspapers about Trump’s latest executive orders and Brexit updates. Back to reality. 

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