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Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear


BY Afsun Qureshi

September 20, 2016

Ashish Gupta turned the Brewer Street Car Park into a giant Maharaja’s tent, lit up by thousands of fairy lights. 

The designer returned to his roots by celebrating the haute-camp allure of Bollywood.  

A bi-gender cast again. Ok, fashion industry people, can you just drop the men’s shows and make life so much easier? Listen to Ashish and dozens like him. 

All the models had a long thick plait. 

“Is that a snake?” yelled my seat mate. “No,”  I yelled back. “It’s a hair extension.” 

Then the hair moved and slithered, and my seat mate yelled even louder. 

Interesting party trick, Ashish. 

The Indian details everywhere included bindis, mendhi, anklets on bare feet, and blue and yellow face paint in tribute to Hindu goddess Kali. 

The clothes where fashioned after traditional garments of India: Cholis, lehengas, embroidered dupattas, and the lot.  

Lehengas worn by men…perhaps a nod to India’s huge hermaphrodite community? 

Very cool paisley details evoked the heat and dust of India. 

Yes, a lot of sequins.  

An abundance of color (that canary yellow dress!) created a gorgeous, multi-sensory treat with one of the most interesting soundtracks of the season. 

Ashish took his bow in a t-shirt that screamed, “Immigrant”. He is never one to lose an opportunity to broadcast a message. 

But the detail that made the goosebump effect complete? The show notes—a Rumi poem translated by the Tennessee legend, professor Coleman Barks…whom I grew up listening to.  

Nothing better than kicking back to Rumi poems recited by a southern gent with a charming Chattanooga drawl. 

Nice touch Ashish, nice touch.


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