Alexander McQueen To Be Played by Jack O’Connell in New Film

Yet another film about the legendary designer is in the works

Alexander McQueen fans are in for a bevy of media surrounding the designer. Following this summer’s announcement of plans for The Ripper, a film that will reportedly focus on McQueen’s tumultuous relationship with friend and mentor Isabella Blow, Variety today reports that another film about the design legend is in the works. Based off Andrew Wilson’s book Blood Beneath the Skin, the film i being directed by Andrew Haigh and will star British actor Jack O’Connell (whom you may remember from Angelina Jolie’s WWII film, Unbroken, and whose resemblance to a young McQueen is uncanny ). This movie will chronicle the months ahead of “Plato’s Atlantis,” the designer’s Spring 2010 show, which was the last he presented before his death. 

McQueen’s entire life is fodder for dramatization and exploration, but it is also extremely complicated and nuanced. He was a genius, a showman, but also had his demons. It will actually be to the benefit of both films to stick to specific points in his life, and really dig deep into exploring what was going on, rather than trying to cover everything at once. Attempting to do a general biopic would gloss over details, and likely lead to a generic rise-and-fall story. As true fans of McQueen know, he was never generic.

There is still no word on when either of the films will be released, although considering Haigh’s film has a star and director attached, and is set to start filming next spring, an educated guess would say that it will be released first. In the meantime, should anyone else be interested in making their own McQueen film, might we suggest exploring his time as a Central Saint Martins student, or perhaps his tenure at Givenchy?

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