Rihanna Supports Pratt Graduate Isabel Hall

The star dons the up-and-comer’s jumpsuit in “Is This What You Came For?”

For the second year in a row, a Pratt student’s work has gone straight from the graduate runway to Rihanna.

The video for Calvin Harris’s new song “Is This What You Came For?”, in which Rihanna is featured, dropped today, and in it, the singer wears a shimmering jumpsuit designed by 2016 Pratt graduate Isabel Hall.

Riri is one of the few celebrities that truly fosters young talent, and along with her longtime stylist Mel Ottenberg, the two have a history of championing fresh designers. Ottenberg introduced Riri to the work of Melitta Baumeister and Hyein Seo shortly after they showed on the VFiles runway in 2014—she donned their designs during Paris fashion week. Last year, Giovanna Flores sent her graduate collection down the Pratt runway, and a month later, one of her ensembles was worn during Rih’s Saturday Night Live performance of “Bitch Better Have My Money.” The following Monday, there was a flurry of articles, all about Flores.

Naturally, when Ottenberg was spotted in Pratt’s audience this year, we wondered if we were getting a preview of the next Rihanna outfit. Hall (who is currently a design intern for Adam Selman, another Rihanna collaborator) presented a collection that was a mature take on streetwear. Oversized sweaters and coats were featured in various luxurious fabrics in dark, earthier tones. Slightly borrowing from skater style, but more refined, any of the pieces would have looked stunning on Rih. The jumpsuit just happened to fit these particular needs best. It’s also worth noting that Rihanna’s hair accessories in the video cam courtesy of emerging London talent Ashley Williams.

Fashion school, and the collections young designers produce in their time there, are unfortunately sometimes the last place these creatives are allowed to develop their ideas freely, in a way that pushes concept over commerce. With the exception of certain brands and Haute Couture, most of the fashion industry designs to create a product. This is why it is so admirable that a star as big as Rihanna is actively endorsing these students and the conceptual, well-constructed work they are able to produce. In addition to the world getting excited by fresh ideas in fashion, it offers these designers a platform. A mission statement proposed by Adam Selman is something we in the industry should all get behind: “Support the children!”

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