Yazbukey Launches High-Speed Ready-to-Wear

Fast, furious, and fashionable

Yaz Bukey has a knack for eclectic fashion week presentations, so when an invitation arrived beckoning guests to a garage in the 16th arrondissement, we knew we were in for a treat. As showgoers filtered into the gritty space last night, they were greeted by a pair of sexy vintage cars, a black motorcycle, and a set that recalled the garage in a campy, 1970s drag racing film. Appropriate, considering the Spring 2017 Yazbukey story was centered around a gang of confident, fun-loving women with a need for speed. 

Dubbed “Fuel Injection,” Bukey’s tongue-in-cheek accessories lineup featured leather fanny packs embellished with flames, speed gauges, or the brand’s signature “C’est Ahh” lips, primary-colored bags that read “Speed,” a black-and-white clutch that screamed “No Speed Limit,” a wrench necklace, clever leather driving gloves, and broaches that looked like lady race car drivers. 

“The idea again this season came from women not needing men,” explained Bukey post-show. “You can build your life and have all of your freedom and be whatever you want to be alone. You don’t need a man’s money.”

Naturally, this was all demonstrated by liberated, dancing models, including Anna Cleveland, Grace Hartzel, Regina Demina, Dyna Dagger, and more members of Bukey’s tight-knit crew, who pranced around the space to disco tunes courtesy of Michel Gaubert. Painted in ’70s makeup, these ladies were apparently wanted women who ran an illegal racing ring, and did so in style. 

But they weren’t only well accessorized—Yazbukey’s models came out in playful printed jumpsuits, blouses, overalls, and t-shirts emblazoned with phrases like “On Off,” “Satanic Mechanic,” and “SOS.” The patterned red, orange, white, and blue wares marked Bukey’s foray into read-to-wear, and were the result of an ongoing collaboration with U.S. brand PAOM (or Print All Over Me). “It’s what every girl needs, and it’s for all kinds of girls,” Bukey said, noting that the line will be available at Colette, as well as on PAOM’s Website. And in order to prove that her joyful duds are suited for women of all ages, she recruited Pat Cleveland as a surprise guest. Naturally, Pat and Anna boogying across the floor made for a pretty unforgettable mother-daughter moment. “I wanted to have a mom and daughter together, and I wanted to have mom in a jumpsuit, not in a dress,” Bukey asserted, offering that a vintage Elle magazine image of Pat in a black jumpsuit was on her Spring 2017 inspiration board. “When Pat came out, it was just the cherry on the cake.” 

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