Coachella Is Having Relationship Dramz With Urban Outfitters

Haha, no, it's actually a lawsuit regarding trademarks, but snarking is way more fun

When you hear news of “Coachella,” what image pops into your head? Is it the beauty of the Coachella Valley in California? Is it the memorable performance your favorite musician gave that one time? Or is it throngs of young women wearing feathers, jean shorts, and see-through maxi-dresses over their bikinis, alongside dudes in artfully ripped t-shirts? Yeah, probably that last one.

The reason being, perhaps, is because though every year there are a bunch of articles surrounding the performance lineup, there are 20,000 articles (rough estimate) about what to wear for Coachella. (Guilty.) There are arguably more articles about what celebrities donned and “best looks” listicles than there is news of what went down on stage.

Of course, the brand most associated with festival wares is the Urban Outfitters corporation, home to both the chain of stores of the same name, and Free People. What started first, people wearing Urban Outfitters to Coachella, or Urban Outfitters directly marketing to festival-goers? Hard to pin down for sure, but at this point, they are blatantly slapping the word “Coachella” on product lines without permission, and the powers that be at Coachella headquarters have had enough.

According to LA Weekly, Coachella has filed a lawsuit this week to get the retailer to knock it off. Urban Outfitters has been accused of ripping stuff off in the past, and it usually gets away with it because independent artists don’t have the means to fight back. But Coachella does, and is.

Interestingly enough, Coachella does have an apparel partnership at the moment with H&M, but Coachella…is that really your best partner?

Sure, H&M might have a sexy accent, and hold fashion shows in Paris, but does it really get you? We’ve all seen the collection it made for you. The t-shirts didn’t have any holes. It went with a cool color palate. There wasn’t a single fucking feather.

Yes, Urban Outfitters took you for granted. Yeah, it overstepped its bounds in the relationship. Sure, it isn’t self-aware enough to see that they are the butt of the joke (a true twist of irony, for the arbiters of “ironic” tees), which is kind of embarrassing for both of you. But can’t you see? Urban Outfitters was made for you.

We’re not saying you should let Urban get away with it, but just…you know, give it another shot. Kiss, make up, and document every vomit-inducing second of your #blessed life on Instagram, preferably with the Sierra filter.

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