Colette, Pillar of Parisian Cool, To Close

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Toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin. Après vingt années exceptionnelles, colette devrait définitivement fermer ses portes le 20 décembre prochain. Colette Roussaux arrive à l'âge où il est temps de prendre son temps ; or, colette ne peut exister sans Colette. Des échanges ont lieu avec Saint Laurent et nous serions fiers qu'une Marque aussi prestigieuse, avec qui nous avons régulièrement collaboré au fil des années, reprenne notre adresse. Nous sommes ravis du grand intérêt que Saint Laurent a montré dans ce projet, ce qui pourrait constituer une très belle opportunité pour nos salariés. Jusqu’au dernier jour, rien ne changera. colette continuera de se renouveler toutes les semaines comme d’habitude, avec une sélection unique et de nombreuses collaborations, également disponibles sur notre site Nous vous remercions pour votre confiance, et à bientôt chez colette, jusqu’au 20 décembre! #colette BREAKING NEWS As all good things must come to an end, after twenty wonderful years, colette should be closing its doors on December 20th of this year. Colette Roussaux has reached the time when she would like to take her time; and colette cannot exist without Colette. Negotiations are under way with Saint Laurent and we would be proud to have a Brand with such a history, with whom we have frequently collaborated, taking over our address. We are happy of the serious interest expressed by Saint Laurent in this project, and it could also represent a very good opportunity for our employees. Until our last day, nothing will change. colette will continue to renew itself each week with exclusive collaborations and offerings, also available on our website We thank you for your support and see you soon at colette–until December 20th!

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Colette, the cult concept store on the swanky Rue Saint-Honoré, announced this morning that it would be closing its doors in December after two illustrious decades. Known for its quirky aesthetic and innovative collaborations, the Parisian landmark has long been a one-stop-shop for any savvy consumer in the market for an impressive souvenir, art book, gorgeous gadget, or mystery grab bag (who didn’t want one of those?). Saint Laurent is reportedly in talks to take over the 8,000-square-foot space.

The news comes as a shock to many—especially the fashion community who killed many an hour or two at this expansive retail haven between shows. Founded in 1997 by Colette Roussaux, after whom the boutique is named, the trendy shop raked in a revenue of 28 million euros (or $31 million) last year alone, with e-commerce accounting for nearly 20 percent of that, per Business of Fashion. The closing of the space comes after a series of terrorist attacks hit Paris, affecting tourist spending, as well as a shift toward online shopping. 

Rossaux’s daughter, Sarah Andelman, has been the face of Colette since its inception. Her forward-thinking aesthetic and support of up-and-coming designers cemented the store as a new—and special—kind of retail model. (Colette was one of the first shops to stock Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, and Mary Katrantzou, for example.) An experiential curation of products and frequent, in-store events were particularly notable. Recently, it launched a series of month-long brand takeovers, beginning with Balenciaga from June 19 to August 5. French PR maven Lucien Pagès will be next, followed by Sacai, Thom Browne, Chanel, and, fittingly, Saint Laurent.

In March, when the store celebrated its 20th anniversary, Andelman told WWD of Colette’s future: “Every year, people ask us how long we plan to go on. We are always searching for newness, discovering new designers and launching new talents, so there is no reason to give up. If suddenly there were nothing interesting left anywhere, we would reconsider, but fortunately something cool comes along every day.”

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