See Every Dries Van Noten Show Ever

Watch every single one of the designer's fashion shows to date

Leave it to Dries van Noten to re-think the advent calendar.

In a countdown to his 101st show (Spring 2018 menswear), the designer is releasing footage from his past 100 shows on In a twist, the shows will be released in non-sequential order as part of a series dubbed “Silent Archive.” The first collection fresh out of the Van Noten vault: Spring 1994, the designer’s 6th show. 

For Fall 2017—a milestone that marked his 100th runway romp—Van Noten took a trip down memory lane by reworking fabrics from previous collections. “Silent Archive,” however, is much more of a straightforward retrospective, even if it is out of order.

We now take for granted the amount of information that is posted online in the moments after (or, thanks to social media, during) a show. For many of Van Noten’s earlier collections, this will be the first time many people will be able to get a glimpse of the actual runway. It’s rather interesting seeing footage from days of fashion past—not only to see the vintage clothes, but to get a sense of the atmosphere.

“Silent Archive” can be found here, with a new show being revealed every day. 

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