What’s Up With Frank Ocean and Chanel?

Nothing but a little mutual appreciation, apparently

Last week, Frank Ocean unexpectedly blessed us with a brand new song called “Chanel.” The gorgeous, piano-heavy track, which sounds decidedly similar to Ocean’s “Nights” (a song on his latest album, Blonde) hears the musician alternate between rapping and crooning, with notable lyrics like “My guy pretty like a girl / And he got fight stories to tell / I see both sides like Chanel.” 

Yesterday, Chanel cryptically posted two Instagrams, the first being a black and white rectangle with the words “We see both sides like Frank” on it, and the second being another rectangle, but with a picture of an ocean at the top and what appears to be an ad for its N°5 L’Eau perfume on the bottom. Both include the hashtag #YouKnowMeAndYouDont, which is the official slogan for the popular fragrance. What’s more, Ocean, a devout Tumblr-ist, posted a photograph of the rocket ship seen during the finale of the French brand’s Fall 2017 show in Paris, with the caption, “Chanel @ Everywhere.” Very interesting. 

Ocean is no stranger to fashion. As any fan knows, many of his tracks feature shout-outs to big-name brands. (His Comme des Garçons moment on his visual album Endless being arguably the most notable.) He’s also been seated front row at a few major fashion shows over the years, though his last appearance at Chanel was for Fall 2013.

But what does all of this—the song, the posts, et cetera—mean? While many wondered if a collaboration was in the works, it seems the pair just really, really like each other. When asked for a comment about its Instagrams, Chanel replied to Fashion Unfiltered with the following statement: “This is simply our way of acknowledging his nod to Chanel in his latest single.”  

While we were hoping this could have been a sly marketing tactic in which Chanel—a brand that counts Pharrell Williams amongst its ambassadors—was teasing us all, turns out it’s nothing more than a little mutual appreciation. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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