Kate Moss is Back in Saint Laurent

The label's Spring 2018 campaign by David Sims just dropped

If you think there is a model working today who is more major than Kate Moss, please let us know. I mean, Gisele may have made more money, but honey, Moss is so much more iconic. Others can sit at the table too—Naomi, Claudia, etc., and fine, Gigi et al will probably earn their chairs eventually (not yet though girls, not yet), but Kate, from her Calvin Klein roots to her rock and roll lifestyle scandals embodies that special kind of “iconic” that positions her squarely at the head. And Anthony Vaccarello agrees. 

While a snippet of the Saint Laurent Spring 2018 campaign video, directed by Nathalie Canguilhem on the Italian island, Ischia, was teased on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, the stills, shot by David Sims, were released today. Sims has been shooting the supe since that iconic 1993 Calvin Klein underwear campaign which, along with Patrick Demarchelier’s CK Jeans campaign, established the waif look that basically defined the entire ’90s. It doesn’t get much more major than that.

And while, yes, she looks a little different in these Saint Laurent shots nearly a quarter century later, she doesn’t look that fucking different. Given the rumors of her fashionably fast living, how she keeps her million dollar face in such great shape is a mystery. You could call “Photoshop,” but I’ve seen her in the fabulous flesh and it’s flawless. In the video on Instagram, she also bares her incredible breasts. She’s 43 years old and she’s had a kid for Christ’s sake. With nearly 60,000 views and rising, the oft-maligned anti-nudity rules on the social media platform have not been enforced in this instance. Perhaps they’ve made an exception, just for these breasts. I think we’d all understand—they are magnificent. She also has a, shall we say, sapphic encounter, with model Jamie Bochert—#steamy. See for yourself.

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