Ryan Murphy Has Found His Donatella in Penelope Cruz

The actress will star in the upcoming American Crime Story series about the Versace murder

For reasons we have not fully considered until now-ish, we have extensively covered Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story chapter on the murder of Gianni Versace. It has been newsworthy so far as the Versace family has publicly declared that they want no part in the production, which many fans saw as a potential conflict for Lady Gaga, who is friends with, and has been a leading lady for, both Murphy and Donatella. Rumors swirled that the producer wanted to cast her as the matriarch.

What. A. Pickle.

At any rate, Gaga will not be forced to have any awkward conversations after all, as Murphy has found his Donatella in Penelope Cruz.

Deadline reports that the Oscar-winning actress will star in the show alongside Edgar Ramírez as Gianni for the series, which will begin filming next month.

Unfortunately fans will have to wait until 2018 for the series to air.

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